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        Oh, that my words were written! Oh, that they were inscribed in a book!        - Job 19:23

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  1. A Bitter Rose
    A Bitter Rose
    Christian Novel
  2. Fragment in the Sand
    Fragment in the Sand
    Christian Romantic Suspense
  3. Secret Thunder
    Secret Thunder
    Christian Romantic Suspense
  4. Path of Thorns
    Path of Thorns
    Christian Romantic Suspense
  5. Scent of Rain
    Scent of Rain
    Christian Romantic
  6. Small Whispers
    Small Whispers
    Christian Romantic Suspense
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When it comes to entertainment, books may be considered "Old School". However, we can't deny that novels have the power to mesmerize us. To date, there are many stories from various works of fiction that have been turned into movies and plays. Although many are confused by how fiction could be linked to the category of Christian and religious novels. Nevertheless, Christian fiction, Inspirational fiction, African American Christian fiction, Religious fiction are valid and viable classifications.

Whether Christian, religious or not, books have the power to get our imaginations going. Often, movie goers have been told, "You should read the book." Although the issues presented aren't drastically different from general fiction, there are many exciting sub-genres under the fiction genre. Among them are religious fiction, Christian fiction, Christian suspense, African-American fiction, or inspirational fiction. Characters are shaped to serve as an example and embodiment of walking out a specific issue by his faith.

While these stories may or may not directly address the subject of religion, there are a variety of recommended  books for Christian readers. As either written from a traditional, classical Christian perspective or compatible with that perspective, the list could include fiction, essays, plays, history, biography, science, psychology, social issues, politics, family life, etc., as well as theology and  christian living. While it is recognized that Christians should read books from other perspectives for cultural literacy and understanding, as Christians we must also be diligent to guard against polluting our spirits with toxic carnal scenarios.

In its introduction to the religious or inspirational fiction genre, the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in North Carolina noted: "These books highlight complex characters overcoming adversity or reaching new levels of understanding - whether by their own efforts or with the help from a Higher Power."

Stories under the religious suspense, Christian romance, romantic suspense and inspirational fiction sometimes comes with action, mystery and exhilaration. However, their most significant difference compared to other genres is they never resort to cheap tricks that highlight violence or other disturbing material. The focus of the characters in these stories is mainly seeking resolution for conflicts they experience or confronting the dangers that come their way. Contrary to what some people may think, these novels are not at all "preachy."

Whether serious, political, African American, Christian, romantic or adventurous -- everyone has a story to tell .  And the books that novelist Annetta P. Lee has been writing for years, have a distinct quality from her African American heritage, Christian beliefs, and experiences. Her impressive body of work have been classified as "Christian suspense novels," "romantic Christian novels," romantic suspense novels, and "African-American Christian fiction." Then again, whatever category into which they may fall, these novels have interesting characters, suspenseful plots, and thought-provoking comtemporary issues. They are faith-influenced fiction at its best.