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Annetta has been writing professionally for many years. Aside from that, she has worked as an administrative assistant for over 30 years. She is also currently an executive assistant at an international Christian ministry located in Oklahoma City.

Milligan Books published Annetta's first novel Bitter Rose (2000), which is actually a semi-autobiographical tale of a young girl who seeks out the mother who gave her up at birth. She later received a Self-Published Book Award from Writer's Digest for this book.

One of Annetta's next novels, Fragment in the Sand (2003), was published by Genesis Press, which is based in Columbus, Mississippi. The story was categorized as "inspirational romantic suspense."

To date, Annetta lists the following major works:
  • A Bitter Rose (2000)
  • Fragment in the Sand (2003)
  • Path of Thorns (2005)
  • Scent of Rain (2006)
  • Small Whispers (2007)
  • Secret Thunder (2007)
  • Haven for Mirage (2010) - [Printed edition 2018]
  • Light Encounters (2011) -  [Printed edition 2018]
  • What Did You See? (2017)

Annetta's latest book is titled, What Did You See? The target readers of her work are Christian women who are 18 years old or older. Her novels can be easily purchased online. Meanwhile, those who want additional information can send an email to [email protected]

That said, Annetta is sure to keep writing her stories for many more years to come. She stated, "It is very gratifying to channel the passion of writing through the avenue of my faith."

Annetta credits her faith for adding another dimension to her writing. She explains that it "has given her direction to not only write about the practical distresses of living life, but a way to touch others in the midst of it."

Annetta isn't pulled by market influences, but sees her writing as a way to express truth through the eyes of her faith. This, she says, has allowed her to keep her focus.
  1. Light Encounters
    Imagine playing a game that had the power – not hypothetically or symbolically, but definitively – to place you in the very presence of God. As a child, Celia Kline and her father played a game in which they imagined themselves walking the grounds of heaven. Although the intent was to prepare her for her Christian walk, her dad never expected his death would instead cause her to reject her faith.
  2. Secret Thunder
    Murderer! The accusation bursts from Beth McDade's lips before she can stop it. The trouble is, she is accusing one of the most respected and most influential men in town of a heinous crime. Even her brother doubts her. But God doesn't -- and neither does David Spencer, a man she's been in love with since childhood. This gives Beth the courage to confront the terrors that have taken place in her small town in Texas as she simultaneously reaffirms her faith in God and her love for David. But Beth's nemesis is a dark one -- a man who is not above using great mental and physical torture to have his way. Will faith and love be enough to save Beth? Can she survive?
  3. Haven for Mirage
    Unspeakable Terror—Unstoppable Evil … BUT GOD While ruthless murderers and FBI agents are in hot pursuit, Mirage Buchanan flees Los Angeles. Frightened, desperate and physically injured, she is peculiarly drawn to her childhood haven. Despite her father’s thirteen-year absence from her life, her impromptu visit causes quite a stir on his Tennessee guest ranch. Contrary to the impression her name invokes Mirage is an actual and very beautiful woman. They were only kids the last time Nolan West, the ranch’s foreman, saw her. But she has returned a strangely secretive enigma – one he welcomes. That is until her being there attracts peril and murder. Certain her arrival is an answer to prayer, Nolan sets out to protect Mirage from looming danger. But can he penetrate the protective shell she is hiding behind? Can they both survive the onslaught of chaos and murder?
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